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Mafia 2
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Vehicles in Mafia II are authentic to their time period. With 44 accessible vehicles and an additional 12 bonus vehicles, the variation adds an element of realism to the vibrant look of Empire Bay. Vehicles are unlocked throughout the coarse of the game and most passenger vehicles can be saved in the players garages.

Cars can run out of fuel, suffer body damage, collect dirt and explode. Upgrades and repairs can be purchased at any Charlie's Service & Repair. Car trunks and hoods can be opened, and engines can be repaired if they break down. The player can customize many parts of the car to their liking, including engine upgrades, color changes, wheels, tires, as well as personalized license plates. Additional upgrades are added through download of certain DLCs.
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Русская Мафия (2000-ые)
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В Лас-Вегасе (1970-ые)
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Продолжение про Линкольна
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Классика в США (1930-ые)
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Продолжения не будет!
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Мне плевать - серия мертва!
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Уверен, что будут 50-60 США!
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