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Mafia 2

The Mafia II Soundtrack features 130 songs by their original artists. The music is divided into two eras, with separate playlists for 1945 and 1951, the periods covered in gameplay. Music may be listened to on radios inside vehicles and buildings and select songs are used in cutscenes.

While the bulk of the tracks played in the 50s era are anachronistic, having come out well after the 1951 time frame set by the game, the soundtrack is still noted as being one of the largest collections of licensed songs ever assembled in a video game, with each one considered classic selections in their genre.

In addition to the soundtrack, the game features the Mafia II Orchestral Score, 50 original compositions by Matus Siroky and Adam Kuruc and beautifully performed by the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra.
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